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Light luxury leisure chair

Light luxury leisure chair
Light luxury leisure chair
Light luxury leisure chair
Light luxury leisure chair
Light luxury leisure chair
Light luxury leisure chair
Light luxury leisure chair
  • Item No.: A-025


· 名称:轻奢休闲椅

· 颜色:可定制


· 材质:,高回弹海绵


· 场所:住宅,酒店


· 货期:定制颜色期30


· Name: Light luxury leisure chair

· Color: Optional customization


· Material:Iron, cloth, high rebound sponge

· Places: residences, hotels


· Delivery time: 30days for customized colors


The armchair features a solid seat, which is elegantly supported by refined parallel legs creating the point of connection with an enveloping backrest, in a rectangular shape, and sloped armrests.  



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Ergonomic Design
Humanized Design
1 Year Warrantyties
Multiple appearance patents
Easy Install
Quick Manual Installation


Product Details
SKU 239473943
Dimension 900mm*800mm*1100mm
Filling Memory foam
Frame Wooden
Hardward Fitting stainless steel