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Boke Furniture is a reliable whole office furniture manufacturer founded in2013.

At Boke Furniture, we pride ourselves on how we've grown as a company.Today, our factory has more than 150 employees at the Foshan plant, whichcovers an area of12,000 square meters. We specialize in creating officefurniture, We also have our own R&D team for all ODM/OEM projects.

Everything concerning Boke Furniture is done in-house, We have ourmodule design engineers, fabrication factory, plastic injection factory, in-house spraying facility, and assemblytesting room located at our Foshanplant. Our factory can produce more than half a million pieces of officefurniture cvery year, with a turnover of more than $10 million annually.

Affordable pricing without compromisingquality

Boke Fumniture's B2B model, focused on high-volume production andefficient supply chain management, enables us to offer high-qualityproducts at low prices, Our strategy ofsmall profit margins and high salestargets wholesalers and brands needing complete office furnishing. Strongpartnerships with suppliers of essential materials like cloth, sponges, andhardware ensure a steady production line. This results in better materialcosts, allowing us to maintain low prices and a well-stocked inventory ofpremium office furniture. Our Foshan plant, equipped with advancedfacilities, produces over half a million pieces of office furniture annually.generating over $10 million in turnover.